I am from Mobile, Alabama.  I moved from Nashville to Memphis in 1992.

I am an actress, writer, author, spoken word artist, recording artist, comedienne and poet.   I am a Brand Ambassador and a Promotional Model for trade shows and in-store promotions.  I am a network marketer and fundraiser.  I have several homebased businesses.

I am a lifetime waitress.  I have been a waitress for over 30 years.  I worked mostly in Mom and Pop homecooking restaurants.  I have been slinging hash for cash all my life.  I'm the girl who waits on tables, waiting for the table to turn.

I perform stand-up comedy and portray a waitress.  I dress in my original designs of colorful waitress uniforms when I perform.  I wear glitter hats and matching aprons and dangling earrings. My comedy is based on things that get on waiter's and waitresses' nerves in restaurants.  I have a ficticious restaurant called, "The Soap Opera Grill" that is referred to in my comedy routines. I have a comedy partner -Emily Kirk.  She portrays a chef and is call "Chef Emily." 

I am the author of "The Soap Opera Grill" Poems from a Southern Waitress.  I currently have two works in progress.  All my books are restaurant related.

I created an annual, "Be King To Food Server's " Awareness month that is celebrated in January.  Events are planned throughout the year to shine the spotlight on waiters and waitresses. 

Congressman Steve Cohen gave me a Proclamation for the Be Kind To Food Servers Awareness Month in the State of Tennessee.  I am campaigning to have this special month Nationally recognized through Congress.

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