The Memphis Homeless Project

I created the Memphis Homeless Project in November, 2011.

MY MISSION STATEMENT:  To help the homeless in Memphis with food, clothing, and shelter.  To provide encouragement and spiritual guidance. Networking with various organizations and ministries in Memphis and the surrounding areas.

 "The Homeless Man" is at:

Temporary Family Home Shelter Program

Women and Children Safehaven Program

Men Shelters

Street Ministry  -  Feeding Homeless

Taking sack lunches and bottled water to the homeless at various locations

One on One *  In the Woods *   Bus Stops *  Abandoned Buildings  *  Roadsides

Feeding the homeless downtown

In a group gathering *  Providing entertainnent with Prayer and Sermonetts

My Video, "The Homeless Man" is at:

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For More Information Contact:

Sybil Presley   901-643-1982